Ecce Vinum Capital offers off-market deals to investors and wine professionals willing to acquire wine production assets. We have a trustworthy network of highly caliber professionals assisting us during the whole investment process, notably with due diligence, audit, and valuation aspects, as well as the overall negotiation with the sellers. 


We assist our clients in every steps of the transaction, and give them confidence in getting the property that best fits their investment criteria. 


A standard process would follow these steps : 


1. Definition of investment needs and search criteria – first meeting

2. Review of teasers and available deals

3. Signature of mandate and non-disclosure agreement

4. Review of information memorandum 

5. Q&A sessions – data room access – calls and meetings with all stakeholders

6. LOI

7. Due diligence

8. Audit

9. SPA and closing


However, each transaction is unique and often reflects a family history, with their special features and difficulties. Wine is indeed an industry with a huge historical burden, with an emotional bias that can be significant sometimes. Hence, the above process is a guide only, and the substantial  advantage of Ecce Vinum Capital resides also in the adaptability to suit every stakeholder’s interests, taking into account the industry’s distinctive characteristics.